Welcome to WAAC

The Women’s Action Alliance Canberra (WAAC) is a women’s liberation group committed to the protection and advancement of women and girls on the understanding that sex is a biological fact with material consequences for females living under patriarchy.

Initially launched in May 2018, WAAC started out primarily as a consciousness-raising group, covering topics such as pornography and rape culture, prostitution, the manosphere, women’s experiences in non-western countries, sexualised advertising, and the objectification of women and girls. When the covid-19 pandemic began in early 2020, we were no longer able to meet face-to-face, and so the group went into abeyance for a time. Nevertheless, from time-to-time we would receive inquiries relating to gender identity ideology and asking whether or not we were ‘gender critical’ as a group. From these inquiries, we decided to re-start WAAC in October 2021, this time explicitly stating that we are gender critical and noting that sex is a biological reality that has material consequences for the social, cultural, medical, economic, and political lives of women and girls.

Although we still deal with any and all impediments to women’s liberation into full humanity, our current focus is on gender identity ideology and in particular its impacts on women and girls. We believe that women must not be legally, socially, and politically erased as a class of people for whom biology is a major factor in our subjection and subjugation under patriarchy. If this is to happen, then it will become impossible for us to organise as a group with a shared experience of oppression — and we need to organise if we are to fight against the other forms of men’s violence against women as expressed in prostitution, sex trafficking, family and domestic violence, pornography, rape, rape culture, the criminal justice system, reproductive exploitation, the medical system, the media, and more.

WAAC is the founding organisation and part of the growing network of the Affiliation of Australian Women’s Action Alliances (AAWAA). We are proud to be part of this network, alongside our Sisters in the Women’s Action Alliancce Tasmania (WAAT), the Queensland Women’s Action Alliance (QWAA), and the South Australian Women’s Action Alliance.

Welcome to WAAC.

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